What to Stock in a Home Bar: A List for You and Your Guests

What to Stock in a Home Bar

What to Stock in a Home Bar

Most of us have a home bar because we want a place wherein we can go to and sip some alcohol after a long and stressful week or spend time with our life partners and talk about how their day was. Some, on the other hand, use it as an area to host small get-together parties so that they no longer have to spend a lot of bucks in local bars and clubs.

Whatever your reason may be, you must always know what to stock in a home bar for you not to get caught up when a friend or relative knocks on your door to have a drink with you.

In addition, having a home bar will be pointless if you just buy items when you have a planned party. Likewise, the appliances that you have installed like a wine cooler and refrigerator might no longer be functional if you will not use them regularly.

However, carefully selecting the consumable items that you will purchase is also vital for you not to end up wasting money. With that in regard, we will give you a basic list of what to stock in a home bar.

What to Stock in a Home Bar: The Consumables

At this point, we will assume that you already have a bar that is complete with items like appliances, utensils, glassware, and the likes. Hence, we will only be listing the consumable ones.


Although you want to impress your guests, you must always consider the fact that the home bar is also for you and your wife or husband. With that in mind, you should buy alcoholic beverages that will please you and not buy expensive ones for your future visitors.

  • White and Red Wine

Wine is an alcoholic product that should never be absent in your home bar since it can be drunk by both men and women, as well as those who do not really drink alcohol and those who are used to imbibing alcohol. This will also be your go-to drink if you need to relieve stress or want to have a good night sleep. Additionally, wine can also be served during small gatherings or meetings that you want to host in your house.

  • Vodka

Vodka is also one of the most popular alcoholic beverages for both men and women who want to have good conversations. The ideal thing s that you can also find varieties that have flavors so that guests who are not so into vodka can also enjoy. What is better is that you can also use it as a base for making and mixing cocktail drinks for small, formal parties in your home.

  • Tequila

Tequila is also a frequent beverage that friends and relatives who come together like to drink. It is also useful for making martinis. Nonetheless, you must choose between the two types of tequila that is available in the market. The silver type is the one that is manufactured for tequila-drinking sessions while the gold type is used when making mixed alcoholic beverages.

  • Whisky and Brandy

Whisky and brandy are also go-to drinks at times when you need to relax before going to sleep or after having a bad day at work. Likewise, they are also versatile alcoholic beverages that can be used as a base for mixing cocktails and other types of mixed drinks.

  • Beer

Who can even forget a bottle or can of beer? This is a good stock especially for the guys who love to watch a game of basketball, baseball, or any other sports together. This is also an excellent choice for weekend or evening movie time with friends or relatives while having pizza and other junk food.


Nowadays, when you go to a commercial bar, you will find cocktails or mixed drinks that have different flavors. That is owed to the availability of flavoring agents that are called liqueurs. If you want to impress your guests or learn how to mix delicious alcoholic beverages, then it will be worthy to include them in your stock.

A common one that you can use for most beverages is the orange liqueur. Another is coffee liqueur which is ideal if you want to create Kahlua-type drinks but for frothy and creamy cocktails, you can stock up on Irish cream liqueur. On the other hand, if martinis are your thing, you must have sweet and dry vermouth.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Beverages that do not contain alcohol should also be included in your home bar stock since they are great agents to mix with all types of alcoholic drinks including wine. They are the ones that are responsible for lowering the alcohol content of the drinks without even worrying about making the taste of the beverage unacceptable. Meaning, you do not need to be a bartender to achieve a perfect mix.

Fruit juice like pineapple, orange, and cranberry can balance out the bitter taste of some alcoholic beverages which make them tolerable enough to drink even by non-drinkers. Ginger ale, tonic water, and soda are also beverages that can be mixed or sipped together with strong alcoholic drinks.

Ice and Garnishes

Although ice is easy to make and is always available in the kitchen, it is still best to have your ice in your home bar. In order to be prepared, you can make use of a traditional ice tray or an ice machine to have enough supply even if you have a big party at home.

In addition to ice, you must also have a stock of garnishes to give you and your companions a more fun, memorable, and commercial-like drinking experience. Some of the typical garnishes include lemon for tequila, salt for rimming your cocktail glasses, olives or cocktail onions for martinis, and mint leaves for mojitos.

Final Thoughts

Your home bar must always be prepared to serve you, your partner, friends, relatives, and other guests who will be coming to your home. Whether the gathering is planned or not, you are assured that you can serve anyone, anytime.

As can be denoted from the information given above, your bar should have the basics such as common alcoholic beverages, mixers, and garnishes to give everyone a good drinking experience.

Nonetheless, you must remember that you should also not overstock your home bar since you can stock up again next month or after two months. So long as you have something to serve the ladies and gents, and your bar appliances are filled, then, you will be fine.

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