What Is a Bar Mat Shot: An Explanation and A List of Other Drinks to Avoid

What Is a Bar Mat ShotImagine sitting in a bar, looking at the drinks behind the counter and wondering what to order. The idea of taking your usual shot sounds boring to you; hence, you decide to try a new flavor. The bartender suggests a bar mat short, and you ask “What is a bar mat shot?” Let me stop you right there. Some people do not recommend this drink together with other shots that have unusual tastes and names.

What Is a Bar Mat Shot and Why Should You Avoid It?

Bar mats are quite popular in bars across the globe. Basically, the bar mat is a rubber mat that holds the glasses to stop them from falling. Capturing and containing spills is another function of the bar mat. Usually, over the course of a shift, the bar mat gathers the excess beer and mixers from several drinks made by the bartender.

Thus, to prepare this shot, the bartender takes the bar mat and pours all the collected drinks and mixers into a shot glass. He or she then uses a dirty bar rag, remove any booze that it might have collected and twist the rag into the glass. As such, the bar shot mat has no recipe since the bar mat might have collected anything, from absinthe to vodka, and other flavors like OJ.

In short, the bar mat shot is made up of whatever drink the bar mat collects. Since it has no recipe, it will taste different every time you try it. One thing that is for sure though is that it is nasty and you should totally avoid it.

What are the Other Drinks You Should Avoid?

No matter how much you love to drink, some drinks might not be favorable to your stomach and taste buds. Such differs from one person to another, but there are those that a majority of people do not like. They are listed below.

  • Cement Mixer

Keep this in mind, anything that is related to cement in any way is not something you should consider drinking. Citrus and dairy products are combined to make this drink. To make this, the bartender mixes Bailey’s Irish Cream to a shot glass of lime juice. Another way to prepare this mixer is to add Vodka, Bailey’s and grenadine decorated with a paper clip. You will know that this isn’t a good combo by just looking at it and feeling the texture.

  • Dead Man Walking

There was a ban on absinthe in the USA, but it was lifted eleven years ago. However, it is still very rare to find this in the country. Combining absinthe and Goldschlager would give you one of the worst shots ever mixed.

  • Four Horsemen

Ever heard of the four horsemen of the apocalypse? Well, they live beyond the supernatural realm. In the shots world, a mixture of Tequila, Jagermeister, 151 Rum and Rumple Mintz gives one of the nastiest shots. A mixture of the four in equal parts will definitely make you puke.

  • Around the Well

Around the well is a birthday special you should totally avoid. This shot is made with all the cheap drinks (tequila, vodka, gin, rum, and whiskey), all mixed in one glass. Drink that, and it will be one birthday that you won’t forget for a really long time.

  • Tastes Like Burning

There is one thing we can guarantee you, the name and the taste have absolutely no distinction. To prepare this shot, the bartender fills a shot glass with Rumple Mints, and add roughly 10 drops of habanero sauce. Drink that, and your taste buds will experience something new and hot for a while. The only problem with this shot is that it feels like lighting a forest fire, only this time, the forest is your intestines.

  • The Ranchero

When it comes to a perfect name for a shot, you cannot do better than The Ranchero. In terms of the taste though, well, it ranks as one of the worst. The bartender fills the shot glass with tequila and then adds tabasco. To make it more appealing, the bartender top it with ranch dressing. If your friend offers you this drink, then it is time to assess your friendship and consider letting him go.

  • Holy Guacamole

On paper, it sounds good, but the tongue begs to differ. To prepare this shot, the bartender mixes tequila with lime juice and Tabasco in a garlic-salt-surrounded shot glass. If you are a chemistry lover and you want to confirm if there is a difference between chemical formulas on paper, and in reality, then the Holy Guacamole will make it clear.

  • The Tapeworm

The name already screams “Don’t you dare.” The only reason you would try this shot is if you didn’t take a biology class and you don’t know what a tapeworm is. To prepare this shot, mix vodka, Tabasco sauce, a dash of pepper, and dash of mayonnaise. Just like the tapeworm parasites that thrive in the human intestine, this drink will give your taste buds something it will not forget.

  • Motor Oil

Even if you are adventurous, this shot will take your adventure to a whole new level, and of course, your nasty drinking level will also bump up. This shot comprises of Jagermeister herbal liqueur, Peppermint schnapps, Goldschlager cinnamon schnapps, and Malibu coconut rum. Just like the human body, you will find it extremely hard to digest motor oil; thus, digesting this shot is almost impossible. The only reason you will take this drink is if your order was misunderstood or you have no idea what it is.

  • She Ran Over My Heart with a Bulldozer

If you take this shot, you would actually prefer that she ran over your heart with a bulldozer. The name sounds cool and quite intriguing. You would want to find out what it is and how it tastes. Here’s an advice, don’t. This is made up of rum, Amaretto, and tequila. The combination puts it on the list as one of the grossest liquor combination ever. Do yourself a simple favor and stay away from it, unless you plan to drink something gross and puke afterward.


Next time you are in a bar, and someone asks what is a bar mat shot, kindly draw him or her closer and advise them against taking it. The bar mat shot is one of the grossest and nastiest shots there is, and the fact that the taste is constantly changing should be a huge red flag for you. Take note of the others and avoid them by all means as well.

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