Typology of the Best Liquor Pourers

Typology of the Best Liquor Pourers

Typology of the Best Liquor Pourers

If you have your bar, for both public and private consumption, you would know that every time you pour liquor without proper measurement can make or break the entire experience. The cocktail party can be too much or too little and give guests the impression that you do not know what you are doing. In order to perfect your favorite cocktails, you need to have the best liquor pourer that you can find.

Not only is the taste going to be compromised but you would end up losing money with the excess alcohol that you have poured. Pourers are designed to deliver alcohol in a steady and accurate way. Liquor pourers can be made of metal, rubber or plastic.

The Best Liquor Pourer Types

  • Standard Metal Pourer – this is the most commonly used pourer, and the rubber seal gives precise pours with a high flow rate. Most metal pourers do not include caps that can prevent contamination.
  • Tapered Metal Pourer – this pourer has a medium flow rate that allows a more accurate and consistent pour. Tapered pourers have better control, although most models do not come with a built-in cap.
  • Screened Metal Pourer – use of this pourer is uncommon, and the screen makes it hard to pour thicker or creamier alcohol. This pourer has been known to fall-off and swims in drinks.
  • Metal Flap Pourer – the metal lap prevents dirt and bugs from getting into the spirit and being poured into the mix. Stickier spirits have a problem being poured through this kind of pourer though.
  • Standard Plastic Pourer – this molded liquor pourer comes in various colors that can help bartenders color code the drinks that they are pouring. Plastic pourers have a more consistent performance than other aterials.
  • Chromed Plastic Pourer – this liquor pourer has a longer nozzle with a fast pour speed. This is also easy to clean, but it does have anything that will prevent bugs and dirt from contaminating your drinks.
  • Screened Plastic Pourer – much like the metal version, this liquor pourer has a fast pour speed, but the downside is that frequent cleaning is needed.
  • Cap-on Pourer – this type of pourer prevents contamination, and it also prevents your alcohol from evaporating.
  • Ball Pourer – designed to be precise when it comes to pours, ball pourers bring in consistency and accuracy to your bartending game.

We have chosen three of the best liquor pourers on the market today to help you take your pick. We will look into their features and weigh both their pros and cons. Without further ado, here they are:

Homder Classic Stainless Steel Liquor Bottle Speed Pourers

This versatile stainless steel pourer comes with a set of 12 that is suitable for homes, bars, and restaurants. This has a tapered nozzle that offers control and accuracy at a consistent speed through the rubber seals.

  • Rubber Dust Cap – the rubber dust cap prevents contaminants from getting through and ensuring that your spirits remain fresh.
  • Versatile – this type of liquor pourer has been used in non-alcoholic ways such us pouring oils and sauces for food.
  • Fits Standard Bottle Necks – the nozzle of this pourer fits most wine bottles, even the necks of other alcoholic drinks.


  • Better Than Plastic – the stainless steel pourer performs much better than plastic ones as it is more consistent and has a built-in cap.
  • Handy Caps – speaking of built-in caps, the caps of this liquor pourer come in handy if you have a lot of bottles open. You can just stick the pourer in and leave it until you finish the bottle without fear of having it contaminated by dirt or flies.


  • Stopper Falls Off – the washer ring of its caps often falls off and gets lost which leaves the cap unusable. This can also be dangerous if it falls into a drink that the barkeep is mixing.

Update International Free-Flow Liquor Bottle Speed Pourers

This liquor pourer is made of durable plastic, and the entire package comes with 12-pieces. They also come in bright colors that you can choose from. The Update International Liquor Pourer comes with the following features:

  • Finger Control – the nozzle of this pourer is very consistent when it comes to pouring alcohol, and you just need to press lightly on the nozzle to control the flow of spirits coming out.
  • Color-Coded – being made of plastic, the Update International liquor pourer comes in varied colors that you can choose from and use to color code your alcohol and spirits.


  • Versatile – this liquor pourer can be used for more than just bartending. It has been known to be used in the culinary field for pouring sauces and oils into food and such.
  • Fits Better Than Steel – the nozzle fits snuggly with most bottlenecks and the seals ensure that nothing gets out.


  • Rubber Seal Bends and Leak – the rubber seal does suffer in time and tends to break and cause leakage and contamination.
  • Breaks Easily – if this liquor pourer is left atop the bottle for too long, it will break apart and contaminate the spirits within. This is even if it’s just for a couple of weeks.

AwenSun Liquor Bottle Pourers with Rubber Dust Caps

The AwenSun Liquor Pourer lets you get creative in how you use it, with it being made from rust-free steel. This pourer comes with the following features:

  • Food Grade Material – the steel and rubber used to make this pourer is 100% food grade, which means it is safe to use when handling food items.
  • Edible Plastic Stopper Member – this is meant to connect the lip to the nozzle guide.
  • Nozzle Guide – the nozzle guide on the lip portion provides a good sealing effect and makes pouring go smoothly.


  • Versatile – just like most liquor pourers, the AwenSun pourer can be used in the kitchen and in the bar for pouring alcohol and cooking oils.
  • Well-Constructed – this liquor pourer is made of food grade stainless steel and is sturdy and durable, even if left in the bottle for a long time.
  • Easy to Insert and Seal – the product is easy to insert, and the seal has steady grips on the bottleneck tightly, preventing leaks and contamination.


  • Does Not Fit Some Bottles – the rubber seal does not fit most bottles, but this is true for any other pourer and is not a big issue.


From the given list, the best liquor pourer is the AwenSun Liquor Bottle Pourers with Rubber Dust Caps.  This liquor bottle does not leak and has a cap that protects the contents from contamination and spoilage. Although the last ring on the seal won’t fit some bottles, it does not fall off and does not interfere with your cocktail enjoyment.

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