How to Use a Bottle Opener on Beer and Wine Bottles

How to Use a Bottle Opener

How to Use a Bottle OpenerThere are some skills that we rarely use, except if we are professionals in that field, but they come in handy on certain occasions. One of such is opening a wine or beer bottle. How to use a bottle opener is a simple task that some people fail to give their attention, but it is very important that you know it.

Even though the bottle cap of a beer or wine bottle can be removed using the metal attached to a wine key corkscrew, it is recommended that you make use of a specific opener for that purpose. Thus, we will now look at the different types of bottle openers and how to use each one of them.

How to Use a Bottle Opener: The Specifics

Most of us assume that all bottle openers are the same. However, they are designed to be used in different situations are also operated differently.

  • Cap Openers

The bottle cap openers are mostly used in removing the caps made of metal that are usually used in glass bottles. The bottle glass opener has a space that is designed to fit the part of the glass bottle’s mouth. It also has an edge that is designed to hold on to the lip which is located at the bottom of the metal cap.

To use this bottle opener, firmly hold the bottle with one hand and place the opener’s edge in contact with the edge of the bottle cap. The opening there will extend over the mouth of the bottle, or at least most part of it. Remove the metal cap away from the glass bottle. The cap will fall off once you do that.

  • Vrod Bottle Openers

The Vrod bottle opener has similar designs with the cap opener described above. The major difference is that one end of the Vrod bottle opener is designed to aid you to pop off pour spouts from the beer bottles. To use this bottle opener, hold the beer bottle firmly with one hand and slip the opener under the cap. Pull it, and the cap will come off.

  • Beveled Openers

This is a bottle opener that is found in most bars. The beveled opener is popular because it gives bartenders more speed in opening bottles and guarantees better handling. This opener has a wide mouth and a beveled edge, giving it the ability to open all sizes of capped beers easily. If you happen to look for a bottle opener for your home bar, then this opener is perfect. To use it, cover the cap edges with the opener. Its edges grip the cap securely. Give it a pull, and the cap will come off.

  • Knuckle Speed Bottle Openers

The knuckle speed bottle openers are similar to the ordinary speed openers but only smaller. The curved side of the opener is designed to fit perfectly in your hands. Their small nature allows them to fit easily into your pocket.

To open a bottle using this opener, with your one hand, hold the bottle firmly. Put the edge of the cap opener against the edge of the cap. The mouth of the bottle or most part of it will be covered. Then, pull the metal cap way from the glass bottle. The cap will fall off after that.

  • Wine Bottle Openers

The wine bottle openers are popularly called corkscrews. To use it, unfold the corkscrews so it will be perpendicular to the handle. Twist the corkscrew into the cork. You can do this by swirling the wind key handle, and keep the corkscrew straight while you do that. Note when the corkscrew is inserted more than halfway into the cork, release the notched metal arm and position the notch of the shorter arm perpendicular to the lip of the bottle.  Pull up the wine handle key while holding the arm in place. This will create a pivot that will aid pull out the cork with little effort.

  • Hammerhead Bottle Openers

The Hammerhead bottle opener is unique as it allows you to open two bottles at the same time. The bottle opener comes with Vinylworks coating that guarantees increased grip. One end of the opener serves as a corkscrew while the other end serves as a bottle opener. For the bottle opener’s end, you can use the cap bottle technique explained above to open beer bottles or glass bottles. The wine bottle opener technique explained above should be used in opening a wine bottle using the corkscrew end.

  • The Magnetic Catch Bottle Openers

The magnetic catch opener works similarly to the wall mount opener. The opener is mounted on a wall or any other vertical surface. A strong magnet is attached underneath the bottle opener to catch any falling cap. This makes it possible for you to open a bottle with one hand without worrying about catching the cap. To use this bottle opener, simply insert the bottle cap into the bottle opener, twist it, and the cap will come off.

  • The Two-Prong Cork Pullers

This bottle opener is an alternative to the corkscrew wine bottle opener. To use the two-prong cork puller, simply put the two prongs around the sides of the cork. Proceed to twist and pull the cork out of the bottle. The cork should be whole and unpunctured if done properly.

  • The EZ Pop Bottle Openers

The pop bottle opener allows you to open a bottle and serve a drink using one hand; an attribute that makes it unique. You can collect the cap and dispose of the empty bottle while still using one hand. To use this bottle opener, insert the edge into the cap, press down, and the cap pops off. The pop bottle opener has become popular in bars due to its hygienic feature as the bartender’s hands nor the bottle opener will touch the mouth of the bottle.

There are several other types of bottle openers with different designs. However, most of them are opened using the simple cap bottle technique.


Opening a bottle using a bottle opener is a skill that comes in handy as it ensures that you can serve your friends or loved ones anytime you have them over. The bottle openers are used to open wine and beer bottles majorly. The beer bottles are opened using the cap bottle technique while wine bottles are opened using a corkscrew.

Knowing how to use a bottle opener isn’t something difficult. All you have to do is know the type of bottle and determine the bottle opener and technique to use.

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