How to Decorate a Home Bar: Basic and Important Considerations

How to Decorate a Home Bar

How to Decorate a Home Bar

Every homeowner would love to have an abode that is comfortable, neat, and cozy since it is a place where the family gets together and takes a rest after a long day at work and school. That will also ensure that entertaining guests will be less of a hassle and more efficient.

Hence, adding a well-thought off home bar will be a good idea which is only possible if you have the right plan on how to decorate a home bar.

Hiring an interior decorator or designer is always the best choice since they have been trained to deliver quality results. However, you might want to save up and add some personal touches.

With that in regard, for us to help you out, we have listed some of the necessary things that you need and gave some suggestions on how you will install each of them for you to have an organized and beautiful home bar. Likewise, we also provided some tips so that you will have an eye-catching and solid home bar decoration.

What are the Items to Include: How to Decorate a Home Bar

When decorating a home bar, the most important things to think about are the items that you should put in it. Primarily, those are the ones that you will need so that you no longer have to run to the kitchen each and every time. As such, your attention will be focused on entertaining your guests and serving them the best wine, champagne, beer, and drinks as well as food.


Having a separate set of appliances for your home bar might be an additional expense, but it will be worth it since you will have both an organized kitchen and bar as well as well-preserved beverages. If your bar is in your kitchen, you may opt not to include everything that is listed below.

  • Refrigerator: This appliance is essential for you to make ice for your beverages. This can also be used for storing beer and champagne but not opened and unopened wine bottles. If your bar is in the kitchen, then this is optional. Nonetheless, for a separate home bar, you should opt for small refrigerators that you can have installed under the bar to save space.
  • Wine Cooler: As the name denotes, a wine cooler is a special appliance for storing wine bottles but can also be used for storing other beverages. For your information, wine should not be placed in the refrigerator since the vibrations and temperature and humidity levels will change the taste, aroma, and consistency of the drinks. Wine coolers come in different sizes and you can opt for smaller ones, either the countertop or floor-types.
  • Ice Machine: Ice for your bar, as mentioned earlier, can be made inside your refrigerator’s freezer using a traditional ice tray. However, ice can be made easier and faster with the help of an icemaker or ice machine that you can also place in the freezer, but there are also standalone models.
  • Entertainment System: If you have a separate home bar, it is always best to include an entertainment system like a television, sound system, and the likes. Through such, your guests can have other fun things to do while drinking with you.

Storage Systems

A bar countertop that has a lot of items on it will not be very attractive. Likewise, such will give you a hard time mixing drinks and preparing food and other items that you will need. So, you need to have a storage system for things like your wine and shot glasses, ice buckets, trays, cork openers, and plates.

  • Open Shelves: Open shelves or those that have glass sliding doors installed above the bar’s countertop will save you enough space while giving your bar a good focal point. This is an ideal area where you can place drinks that you want to stay warm, beautiful glassware for display, and the likes.
  • Under or Above-the-Counter Cabinet: Installing a cabinet under or above the bar counter is a great way to store items that you need to access immediately. Such include ice buckets, saucers, and pitchers.
  • Wine Glass Holder: Your stem glasses can be placed in the cabinet or shelves, but you may also opt to have a wine glass holder installed under the top cabinet or shelf. This can both serve as a storage area and decoration.
  • Drawers: A drawer with an organizer is always handy especially for small items like mixers, spoons, forks, knives, wine decanters, and cork openers.

How to Decorate a Home Bar: Important Tips

Since your guests will be staying in your bar area most of the time or for you to have a good ambiance while drinking on your own, you must consider some useful how to decorate a home bar tips. These are applicable for both small and large bars, as well as for those who just want a simple home bar.

  • Lighting

The source of light of your home bar will be the one responsible for setting the mood while you and your companions are drinking. It is always best to go for the ones that are not too bright and too dim as well as those that have colors like orange, blue, green, or a mix of any colors. Another great tip is to use recycled items or those that are related to a bar like an empty bottle or wine glass to cover the light bulbs.

  • Seating Furniture

Most of the time, you will just buy a bar stool to add to your bar countertop, and it usually appears plain and ordinary. Thus, if you have a wooden seat, try painting the legs or the seating area with a different color to add more contrast or uniqueness. You may also choose to buy bar chairs that have different colors or those that have unusual shapes or styles.

  • Countertop

Although a bar countertop should not be filled with so many things for it not to appear cluttered, it is also wise to place some items on it. Whether you have a countertop appliance set on it or none, you may opt to put a basket of fruit to give it some appeal.

  • Interior Design

When you decorate your home bar, you must always consider one interior design similar to your home or kitchen’s look. Meaning, if you have a rustic interior design, then, every little thing should be rustic in nature. Such will give your area a better and well-thought off look.

Final Conclusion

Some of us might think that a home bar is just a waste of money since you do not use it as often as the other rooms in your home. However, if you decorate it well and if you have the right items in it, you can have your own relaxation and entertainment area. You just have to make sure that you plan it well so that it will look inviting.

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