Custom Home Bars Advantages and All the Things You Need to Know to Set One Up

Custom Home Bars Advantages and All the Things You Need to Know to Set One Up

Custom Home Bars Advantages and All the Things You Need to Know to Set One Up

Custom home bars are some of the best things man, exercising a rare display of extreme sound judgment, has ever invented. What could be better than coming from a stress-filled day at work and pouring yourself a glass of your favorite drink from your bar? Or having your friends over while you chat over a bottle of vintage?

Now while you mull over the idea of installing a bar in your home, let us try and persuade you further by listing the advantages.

Custom Home Bars: Advantages

Building the Bar According to Your Preference

You may favor a specific design for your home bar but can’t find that exact look wherever you search. You may also have found a perfectly designed bar, but it doesn’t have the function or detail that you want it to have.

Building a bar according to your specifications solves this.

Convenient Way of Entertaining

No more need to deliberate where you and your friends have to go. Just invite them over to your place, serve drinks, and let the conversation flow freely. Plus point: You can stay as long as you want.

The Drinks are Always What You Want

Tired of hearing from the bartender that they’re out of your favorite drinks or that they don’t serve it? You can stock up your own bar with all the kinds of beer you like and never have to be disappointed again.

Costs Way Cheaper

You don’t have to give tips to the servers especially when their service suck and you don’t need to pay over-inflated prices for one measly drink—and who stops at only one drink anyway?

Custom bars don’t need to be expensive. There are different price ranges for everyone, and the cost will invariably be lower in the long run when you factor in how much less you are paying for every drink you finish. No more cab fare as well to and from the nearest bar.

Adds a Certain Hint of Luxury to the Home

Not everyone has a home bar and people who do have a particular sort of cachet. Custom home bars also magnify the appeal of a home and is a great talking point. Take your social prestige to the next level.

Evolves with Your Tastes

You used to be into wines but have now grown a taste for specially crafted beers. Your custom bar develops and progresses at the same time as your tastes do.

A Sense of Pride That You Built Your Bar

Whether you bought the pieces from different sales and put them together or built everything with your own hands, you can take pride in the accomplishment that everything is by your own design and plan.

Looking through the advantages of having custom home bars may have convinced you to build your own. Hence, here are some things to consider now that you’re in the planning round.

Things to Consider When Planning Your Bar

Now, whether you build the DIY way or scrounge different pieces from sales to construct your ideal bar, there are some important details to take into consideration.

The Area

First, where do you frequently entertain? What place in your home do you have ample space to entertain your friends? Build the bar in that space or close to it, whether it’s your library, rec room, or home office.

Type of Bar

Determine the type of bar that would fit in with the overall style of your home. A bar with an open shelving plan looks best with limited space. A full-functional bar would not be out of place in a large room. Also, add comfy cushions and chairs, and you’re all set.

Wet Bar or Not?

A wet bar is ideal for a home and increases the rate at which drinks are served since glasses can be cleaned immediately at the sink. They’re also pretty easy to build so many homeowners prefer to DIY them.

Custom Home Bars: The Essentials

Now we get down to the business of the actual pieces for your bar. These are absolute essentials for a great custom home bar and entertaining experience.


Your bar will most definitely need one, whether a wine captain or traditional fridge. Select the kind that most fits your needs, space, and style. Also, remember that it needs to blend in with your entire room and setup.

Ice Maker

What is a cocktail without ice? An ice maker is one of the most important appliances you will need for your bar if you’re planning to entertain a lot. Pace this in a convenient place that is easily accessible to both you and your guests if you want a self-serve kind of setup.

Stemware or Glass Holders

You’d want your bar to look organized, don’t you? Placing glasses and accessories haphazardly everywhere makes the bar look cluttered and not appealing. Spend a bit of time in planning each placement carefully for a coordinated look that makes it easy for both your guests and you to access everything you’ll need.


Consider getting drawer inserts for all the stuff you’ll need such as corkscrews, spoons, bottle stoppers, and everything else you’ll need. These organizing systems make it easy to find everything within a short amount of time.


If you’re a wine person, you have to consider where you place your bottles. Many people use the space above the wet bar as a storage space, and that is great for most drinks except for wine.

Moisture is one cause of cork erosion, so be sure to keep those bottles in a cool and dry place unless you want bits and pieces of cork in your drink.

Final Words

To summarize the above information above, having your own bar is cheaper, more convenient, and better for you and your home. However, in building one, you must consider certain factors to ensure that your home bar is in the right place. Likewise, you must also have the right items to have a fully functional custom home bar.

Good luck in building your own bar and remember to keep the drinks flowing freely.

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