4 Reasons You Should Own A Cocktail Shaker

4 Reasons You Should Own A Cocktail Shaker

Do you see a cocktail shaker as an unnecessary accessory? Do you usually mix your drinks by pouring the ingredients directly into the glass? Or do you think that the process of shaking cocktails seems too complex and can take too much time?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these three questions, I believe I can convince you in the opposite. The cocktail shaker is not only a necessary piece of equipment for professional bartenders, but also is a great tool for your home kitchen. Today, I will present to you the 4 reasons you should own a cocktail shaker.

Reason #1: Better Mixing Of Flavors

Every single professional bartender will tell you that a good cocktail shaker is a must-have for any cocktail lover out there.

Big Cocktail Shaker

Since cocktail shakers are designed in a special way to completely mix the ingredients of a drink, there is no way you can achieve the same result by just mixing the components in a glass. Cocktail shakers for drinks are created to produce the perfect blend of flavor.

Moreover, the shaking motion is the best way to mix drinks efficiently. Did you notice that majority of cocktail recipes recommend exactly this technique?

Reason #2: Proper Dilution Of Water

Moving on to the second point on our list of the reasons you should own a cocktail shaker, it is necessary to talk about the proper water dilution. In case you use a cocktail shaker, all the recipes call for the addition of ice. In the shaking process, the amount of time the drink mixes with ice is just right for the perfect amount of water being added to the cocktail.

Cocktail with Ice

The right proportion of water in a cocktail makes drink’s texture smoother. In case the proportion of water is not right, the cocktail can be watered down, thus tasting bland.

Reason #3: You Can Try Numerous Recipes

There is no doubt you can mix different cocktails just by pouring the ingredients into the glass. However, the good quality mixed drink shaker will open up a whole new cocktail world for you! There is a reason why many recipes call for cocktail shaker use – majority of cocktails taste much better when completely mixed.

Making Different Cocktails

In addition, some recipes require the use of a cocktail shaker because of specific ingredients. For instance, such components like eggs or pineapple juice add the foam and texture to the drink. However, it is only possible to properly mix these through vigorous shaking.

Reason #4: You Will Look Cool

Did you see these bartenders, who look especially cool when shaking drinks? Some of the bartenders develop their personal styles when mixing cocktails.

Mixing Cocktails

Mixing cocktails with shaker does not only give your drink a perfect texture and taste but also serves as a great workout for your arms!

Happy cocktail mixing!


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