Best Mini Fridge for Home Bars: Multi-Functional and Space Saving

Best Mini Fridge for Home Bars

Best Mini Fridge for Home Bars

Your home bar can be fully functional if you have the right items. When it comes to appliances, the need for a refrigerator can never be ignored even if you already have one in your kitchen. That is because you can store your alcoholic beverages and cocktail garnishes without worrying about taste and aroma quality that can be altered when they are mixed with kitchen stuff.

However, installing a regular ref in your bar can consume more energy and space. Thus, having the best mini fridge for home bars is the ideal solution or choice.

As the number of people installing bars inside their homes continues to grow, the demand for mini fridges also increases. That is the reason why when you visit a retail appliance store or an online shop, you will find a lot of models and brands that make it difficult for you to end up with the best mini fridge for home bars.

With that in regard, we have looked into three home bar mini fridges to narrow down your choices and help you decide what to buy.

Best Mini Fridge for Home Bars: An Overview

Below, we have listed the important features of each of the mini fridge models as well as their pros and cons.

EdgeStar CRF150SS Convertible Refrigerator or Freezer

EdgeStar CRF150SS Convertible Refrigerator or Freezerhas been manufactured by a company that is known for their portable and innovative indoor and outdoor appliances. Its external size dimension is at 19 1/4″ (Height) x 18 1/2″ (Width) x 17 3/4″ (Depth), while the internal dimensions are 13.5″ x 14″ x 13″.

This 42-pound appliance has a stainless steel door with reversible hinges. Such is equipped with a lock and two keys as well as a Euro-style, ergonomically designed handle. To add more elegance and contrast, the body and trim have a color black.

In addition, to ensure that the product is stable even if its 1.1 cubic feet capacity has been maximized, the manufacturer included four leveling legs. Inside, you will find a single shelf that is made of quality metal as well as a full-range temperature control system. In case problems occur, the manufacturer offers a one-year warranty on parts and 90 days on labor.


  • Compact and secure
  • Energy-saving (specifically: 272 kWh annual usage)
  • Temperature range from zero to 40 degrees Fahrenheit
  • UL listed


  • Needs to be defrosted manually
  • Mechanical or manual temperature adjustment knob
  • Door needs to be pushed since it is not automatic
  • Not listed with Energy Star

Haier HC17SF15RB Refrigerator or Freezer

This 17.9 (Depth) x 19.4 (Height) x 18.9 (Width) inches and 30 pounds product has a stainless steel and black colored body, as well as a flat back. Its flat, swing-type door that has reversible hinges is easy to open because of its recessed handle.

Capacity-wise, it can hold a total of 1.7 cubic feet, and you can have plenty of storage spaces. Such is owed to its wire-type food shelf that is removable, half-width freezer compartment that has its own tray for ice cubes, and storage shelves placed at the door.

In addition, the temperature can also be controlled easily since it has a thermostat knob. The Haier HC17SF15RB Refrigerator or Freezer is certified by Energy Star and comes with a one-year warranty deal for both parts and labor.


  • Plenty of storage compartments
  • Can be used as a freezer and refrigerator at the same time
  • Able to store bottles in an upright position
  • Space-saving


  • Defrosting should be done manually
  • Mechanical or manual temperature adjustment knob
  • No lock and door should be pushed manually
  • Does not have leveling legs
  • Creates a very unpleasant noise

RCA Fridge by Curtis International LTD

This mini fridge has been manufactured by a production company that has been developing and selling affordable appliances for more than 25 years. It has a size dimension of 20 (width) x 18 (depth) x 20 (height) inches and an approximate weight of 33.3 pounds.

The RCA Fridge by Curtis International LTD can be bought in blue or red color that has silver trim. Placing the product on your countertop will also not be a hassle since it has a flush-back design and four leveling legs.

As similar to the first two products, this fridge has a door that is equipped with reversible hinges. Its capacity of 1.6 cubic feet can be maximized since it has a door basket that can hold two-liter bottles. In addition, it also has its own ice cube chamber and tray, as well as an adjustable thermostat and compressor cooling system.


  • Can store bottles in an upright position
  • Space-saving
  • Comes in different colors
  • Operates with minimal sound
  • It has a bottom and upper shelf.
  • Attractive color


  • Material used in the construction is mostly plastic
  • No clear details about its warranty and energy-saving capacity
  • Manual defrosting and closing of door

Final Conclusion

The three mini fridges above can be installed in your home bar conveniently since they all have a space-saving back design and their sizes are not too big. Likewise, if you need to rearrange, you will have few to no hassles since they are lightweight and you no longer need an assistant to carry them as they have a box design.

Unfortunately, all of them requires regular maintenance especially when it comes to defrosting. Nonetheless, closing and opening the door will be convenient whether you are left or right handed.

Choosing between the Three

Individually, if you need a mini fridge that looks attractive and operates quietly, then, the RCA Fridge is ideal for you. However, you should make sure that you clarify the terms of warranty by contacting the Curtis International LTD support team. You might also want to get information about its power consumption and certification.

On the other hand, if you want a product that has a high storage capacity without worrying about its energy efficiency and warranty, the Haier HC17SF15RB Mini Fridge is recommended. You just need to make sure that you can tolerate the noise that it produces. Nonetheless, with this model, making ice and cooling beverages and food all at the same time will not be a problem.

Overall, we find the one from EnergyStar the best amongst the three since it has a listing with UL, has a specific data on its energy-saving capacity, and has a warranty. This is also an intelligent choice if you have children since you can lock it to prevent them from getting any items in it. Although it is not equipped with its own freezer, it is still workable for a home bar since it can be converted into one anytime you want.

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