Best Beverage Dispenser

Best Beverage Dispenser

Best Beverage Dispenser

Often called the highlight of any Sunday lunch buffet, beverage dispensers are a unique way of ensuring that guests get their fill of drinks at any time. Restaurants and caterers would use garlands and local decorations as a means to place their best beverage dispenser at the center of everybody’s attention. And you can do this too with your beverage dispenser, just a little creativity and the right occasion to use them.

Creative Uses for the Best Beverage Dispenser

  • Cocktail Line – serving drinks for a cocktail party or if you’re just head over heels over different alcohol mixes; place each part of the mixture in separate beverage dispensers. The lead dispenser can have your tequila or vodka; the next one can be a smaller one to hold triple sec, juice or other liqueur that can go well with your main potion.
  • Men’s Cocktail Line – not strictly for men but you only need two of your best beverage dispensers and place cola in one and whiskey on the other, and you’ll have a way of serving Jack and Coke without having to bother mixing it for your guests. Let them do it for themselves and keep the conversation going.
  • Breakfast Mixer – hot drinks can be served from the best beverage dispensers as they are made to withstand hot to cold temperatures. Place Coffee in one dispenser, tea in another and finish the line with some creamer.
  • Al Fresco Towers – the most common use for beverage dispensers, fill your beverage containers with your favorite juice drink or aqua fresco and watch your guests fall in line trying to get a taste of each concoction.
  • Theme It Up – let your creativity lose. Get some recipe off the internet and fill each dispenser with drinks that are suitable for your party theme. Most dispensers are designed to be customized, just think of, or maybe search the web for, a design that you can pattern your dispenser flotilla with.

To help you sort your way out of hundreds of beverage dispensers out there on the market,  we have chosen three of the best. We will check out their features and weigh their pros and cons. Shall we begin?

CreativeWare Beverage Dispenser with Ice Cylinder and Fruit Infuser

Weighing in at five pounds, the beverage dispenser from CreativeWare is in a class of its own, with its innovative and versatile features. This beverage dispenser can hold up to three gallons and comes with a removable infuser and an ice column that both take the taste of your drinks to the next level. The CreativeWare Beverage Dispenser comes with the following features.

  • BPA-Free Acrylic – this product is made of a BPA-free acrylic material which is better for the environment and your health.
  • Removable Ice Column – this innovative feature can be removed from the dispenser, then filled with water and placed in a freezer to make ice. Premade ice cubes can also be placed on the ice column to ensure that your drinks remain cold.
  • Removable Infuser – one of the newest features from CreativeWare, the removable infuser attaches to the ice column and can be used to add flavor to the beverage. Before snapping it on, add some fruit, herbs and even tea leaves for that extra punch.
  • Home-grown – this beverage dispenser is made in the US and quality is ensured in every part.


  • Keeps Cold Beverages Cold – the ice column is sized generously to hold a lot of ice to maintain the temperature of your drinks. This feature is removable as well so you can refill it with ice even while there is still some left in it.
  • Made For Everyday Use – the materials used is durable and non-toxic making it suitable for everyday use.


  • Slight Drips – the spigot of this beverage dispenser drips a little when filled to the top. One way to work around this is to tighten the plastic not using a wrench for a better seal.
  • Sensitive Material – the plastic used to manufacture this beverage dispenser can be sensitive and scratches easily.

Buddeez Cold Beverage Dispenser

This stackable beverage dispenser offers a lot of features that let it transform from a dispenser to the life of the party. The Buddeez Cold Beverage Dispenser comes with the following features:

  • Beverage ID Chalkboard – a small chalkboard can be attached towards the top of the dispenser and lets your guests know what they’re getting in to.
  • Removable Ice Cone – the ice cone connects to the lid and can hold ice that keeps your drink chilled without diluting the flavor.
  • Detachable Ice Bowl – the ice bowl can hold ice and function like the ice cone, or it can be removed to carry ice cubes, fruits or chips.
  • Measuring Marks – the exterior of the Buddeez dispenser has measuring marks to let you know how much drinks you have left.
  • Server Lid – the lid can be used to hold paper cups and other edibles items.


  • Stackable – the Buddeez Cold Beverage Dispenser can be placed on top of each other to add a unique appeal to your party drinks.
  • Child-proof – the materials used to make this dispenser is durable and can withstand the pressures of life with children. Being stackable also helps as it keeps everything steady.


  • Hard To Refill – the lid can be hard to remove once the drinks are in, making it hard to refill.
  • Spigot Can Be Lower – the spigot of the Buddeez Cold Beverage Dispenser should be at level with the bottom of the dispenser as it makes it hard to empty out the bottom without tilting it.
  • Clogs Easily – this product is not suitable for fruit punch and sangrias as the fruit can lodge itself on the intake spout and clog the whole thing.

Oaklyn 2 Gallon Beverage Dispenser on Stand with Spout

This unique dispenser offers a lot of features without sacrificing its functionality. The Oaklyn Beverage Dispenserhas the following features:

  • BPA Free Acrylic – this dispenser is made of 100% BPA-free acrylic that does not corrode and pollute your drinks over time. It is safe for you and your guests, and it’s great for the environment as well.
  • Ice Base and Core – two separate ice containers keep your drinks cold from two directions. Both are detachable and can be used for other purposes.
  • Fruit and Tea Infuser – this is placed in the bottom center of the dispenser and releases the flavor from herbs and fruits to bring an extra layer to your sense.
  • Steady Flow Nozzle – the spigot of this product releases drinks at the optimal speed to avoid leaks and spillage.


  • Easy To Clean – this beverage dispenser is dishwasher-safe and cleans easily with a sponge.
  • Perfect for Any Event – the Oaklyn Beverage Dispenser holds enough drinks for any occasion.
  • Keeps The Flavor Intact – having two separate ice containers keeps the drinks cold while keeping the flavors faithful.


  • Sensitive Material – the materials used to create the Oaklyn Beverage Dispenser scratches easily. Acidic drinks also cause the plastic to cloud and give a used appearance.
  • Hard To Refill – the lid is not a screw on which makes it hard to refill as you would not have anything to leverage force on.


The Oaklyn 2-gallon dispenser is the best beverage dispenser on the list as it not only combines the featured elements of the other two products, but it also has more benefits that you can enjoy. The removable ice cone and base keep your drinks cold, and the infuser is perfectly situated at the bottom to let it keep releasing flavor without interruption.

It is also a BPA-free dispenser that is perfect for your health and the environment while keeping you and your guests hydrated with drinks, punches, and cocktails. Hot beverage might be out of the question but don’t let it stop you from being creative on how you would use the best beverage dispenser.

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