Best Bar Tables: Add a Luxe Feel to Your Dining Area

Best Bar Tables

Best Bar Tables

The best bar tables are those that are sturdy enough to double as a dining table, but at the same time, maintain its basic function, which is to hold bar drinks.

However, what sets a bar table apart from other tables is the fact that they have a certain look to them, a look of sophistication that greatly mirrors the fact that they usually hold expensive liquor.

In this article, we are going to discuss the features of three bar tables, along with the advantages and disadvantages of using them. Read on to find out which bar tables are truly the best and what are those that will most definitely spill your drinks on the floor.

Costway Modern Round Bar Table

Since the design of this table is the typical one that you see in bars, this is as basic as bar tables go. The table itself is made of wood, and its shape is round.

Moreover, it is held by a metal base. Maybe the most surprising element of the Costway Modern Round Bar Table is the fact that it can be adjusted by using the small handle underneath.

The height can be adjusted from 26.6” to 35”. At the same time, you can turn this table around for a full 360°. The bottom of the base has an 18″ ring that is made of rubber so that the floor will not get any scratches from the metal base.


Even if the design is pretty basic, you cannot beat this table in terms of function. It can hold things for more than two people, and it can also be adjusted to the height of the chairs that you have. Actually, its basic design also works in its favor because, in that way, it can fit with a lot of other interior designs.

At the same time, it is easy to assemble and a breeze to clean. The material used for the table makes it so that all you have to do is to wipe it down with a dry cloth.


The swivel feature does not have a lock on it. This can prove to be very annoying when you just want for the tabletop to stay put, but you have no choice but to put up with its constant rotating since you cannot lock its current position.

There is also a problem in terms of its capability to balance itself. The base is not leveled enough, that sometimes it can get wobbly.

Coaster Home Furnishings 101063 Contemporary Bar Table

This is a bar table that takes into consideration the small space that you might have. It is not only a bar table, but it is also a storage area.

The table itself is shaped like a cylinder, while underneath it, along with its base, are two levels made of glass that you may use for storage. Further, the shelves have chrome railings to them.

Since the colors are the typical black and silver, its design will fit the contemporary and modern aesthetics. Definitely, the Coaster Home Furnishings 101063 Contemporary Bar Table was made with a studio apartment in mind because it is a really good space-saver.


It is multi-functional to the point that it can be considered as a staple for small homes or apartments. At the same time, its size is not that small that you will not be able to use the table. In fact, it can carry things for up to four people.

The design is also very impressive due to its sleek and simple lines. Moreover, it can support whatever it is that you are eating and storing in it because it is very sturdy. No wobbles here.


The problem with the glass design is that you have to be mindful when putting things on top of them. At the same time, any glass design is definitely not child-friendly.

Also, you really have to be someone who has a fairly high handiness skill to assemble this properly. It does come with a manual, but it is very tricky to follow.

Topeakmart Swivel Round Bar Table

We have here another swivel round bar table that is as basic as the first bar table that we have mentioned. There are not a lot of differences in terms of function and design when compared with the previous table, but there might just be a few variations in terms of ease of use.

This one can also rotate a full 360° and can be used by two people only. Additionally, its base can also be adjusted with the use of a hydraulic lift. The maximum height is three inches. Further, the tabletop is made of wood, while the base is metal.


This is where the Topeakmart Swivel Round Bar Table beats the first one. This one is actually very stable and balanced. Once you put things on it, you will feel that the base can balance the weight of the things on top of the table.

At the same time, it is very easy to assemble. Another thing to note, you can easily adjust the height without encountering an opposite force. The table will slide up and down easily, following the motion of your hand.


The problem with this is the same as the first one—the swivel feature. Yes, this one does not have a lock on it as well. In fact, the swivel table on this one is much easier to turn compared to the first table, to the point that a slight movement on top of the table can put the whole table in motion.

Therefore, you have to be mindful of how you put your arms on it because there is always the risk that it will turn suddenly, and all your food and drinks will fall on the floor.

Best Bar Tables: The Obvious Winner

The best of the best bar tables is most definitely the Coaster Home Furnishings 101063 Contemporary Bar Table. Not only is it a good and sturdy table, but it is also multi-functional since you can also use it for storage. The fact that it looks so stylish also adds to its winning points.

As for the other two competitors, which again are very similar to each other, their cons are really the default problems when it comes to swivel bar tables. Surely, the companies that make them realize this flaw, right? Were it not for these problems, they could have taken the number one spot.

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